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Host Ray Harkins speaks to people involved in independent culture and records it. Here is what happens. Brought to you in conjunction with Property Of Zack . Email the show: 100wordspodcast@gmail.com and also SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW. Editing courtesy of Tom Richfield. New episodes are posted every Wednesday.


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Talk about an absolutely accurate description of how we all sometimes feel when days aren’t going right. So good.

Still an incredible song that creates such a menacing atmosphere. So good.

This band has meant a lot to me and will continue to do so as they enter their final stage. It’s strange when you start to take a band for granted and then once you realize they aren’t going to tour through your city anymore, the stakes change.

If you enjoy being scared, watch this two minute short that will make you sleep with the lights on this evening.

Congrats to previous guest on the show for landing a gig with Arch Enemy!